6 Big Cannabis Deals
Arcview Saw First

Already since the start of the year, 6 companies that participated with the Arcview Investor Network in their beginning stages had big financing milestones to announce.

Gaining access to top entrepreneurs before everyone else is one of the main benefits being an Arcview Investor Network member.

1. Privateer Closes $75 million Round

Privateer’s Brendan Kennedy along with other early Arcview investor members at the January 2013 Arcview meeting which was the focus of a Fortune Magazine cover story. Photo courtesy of Fortune Magazine.

In a first for the industry, Privateer Holdings just closed a $75 million round of funding which included the legendary Founder’s Fund led by tech investing genius, Peter Thiel. Check out this article in TechCrunch about it. Privateer was one of Arcview’s first investor members. While they never pitched from stage, numerous Arcview investor members invested in their first rounds.

2. MassRoots IPO’s

"Arcview gave us an opportunity to pitch our company to top-tier investors and raise $1.4 million. I have no doubt MassRoots would not be where it is today without Arcview and I look forward to delivering substantial returns to its members." – Isaac Dietrich, MassRoots

Last week, MassRoots, a social network for cannabis enthusiasts, became one of the first cannabis-related companies to go public directly, instead of via the usually less desirable reverse merger. MassRoots raised multiple rounds of funding totalling more than $1.4 million entirely from Arcview investor members and led by Arcview member Doug Leighton of Dutchess Capital. Check out this Inc. Magazine piece one their rise to success.

Both MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich and Dutchess Capital’s Doug Leighton will be speaking at the upcoming members-only Arcview event in DC 4/30-5/1.

3. The Uber of Cannabis Closes $10 million Round

Eaze’s Keith McCarty successfully pitches Arcview investor members on Eaze’s first round.

Eaze, a San Francisco-based cannabis delivery application started by an early Yammer employee just closed a $10 million round of investment that included a Silicon Valley venture fund and rapper Snoop Dogg. Eaze pitched at multiple Arcview events and raised a portion of their first round of funding from Arcview investor members. Check out this Mic article on it which mentions Arcview.

4. Cannabis Film Bought at SXSW

Allison Millice, Producer, and Mitch Dickman, Director of Rolling Papers present at an Arcview investor forum.

Rolling Papers, a film about that follows the Denver Post’s cannabis reporter during the first year of legal sales in Colorado, has landed a major worldwide distributor at South By Southwest. They pitched at an Arcview event and raised significant early capital for the film by Arcview investor members. I’m guessing those investors are happy they found them early. Check out this Boulder Weekly article about it.

5. Y Combinator Gets Into Cannabis

Meadow’s David Hua speaking to another entrepreneur after pitching at an Arcview investor forum.

The darling incubator of Silicon Valley that birthed such remarkably successful companies as Reddit, AirBnB, DropBox, and Stripe announced recently that it is making it’s first play in Cannabis. Meadow, a mobile app for connecting cannabis to consumers, was accepted into Y Combinators next class. Months prior, Meadow was selected to pitch from Arcview’s stage and Y Combinator partner Justin Kan, who recently sold his company to Amazon for close to a billion dollars, was the keynote speaker at Arcview’s last event. Check out this SF Gate article that discusses the move in the context of Kan’s speech at Arcview.


6. Pritzkers Invest in Cannabis POS Company

Arcview Investor Forum in Seattle in April of 2013 From Left: MJ Freeway’s Amy Poinsett, Me, Arcview President Steve DeAngelo, Goliath (dog), MJ Freeway’s Jessica Billingsley, and Tao Capital’s Joby Pritzker

The very first company to pitch at Arcview in 2011, point-of-sale software company MJ Freeway, and the third official Arcview investor member, Joby Pritzker of Tao Capital recently announced a big investment. It’s the first investment in the sector from one of most wealthy families in the world. Joby adds MJ Freeway to his other investments in SpaceX, Tesla and others.

Who’s Next?

Arcview sponsors Tripp Keber of Dixie Elixirs and Jeremy Heidl of Open Vape at a recent Arcview event at The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

So far Arcview’s investor members have pumped more than $39 million into 53 companies.

What deals will Arcview see over the next few months that will be making headlines a few months later?