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What kind of company finds success at Arcview?

Every investment opportunity is unique and can bring value to the investor network in a number of ways. There are several broad factors that seem to resonate with our investors:
  1. Team: a team with experience in the technical aspects (e.g., biotech, cultivation, software, etc.), fundraising, business development, as well as that has worked together in the past resonates well with our investors. While solo founders can be successful, generally a team of founders gives investors more confidence in both breadth of experience and resiliency of the leadership.
  2. Traction: Companies ideally are cash flow positive, but that doesn’t mean revenue is the only thing investors look at. Anything that validates your business model besides the business plan – pre-orders, clinical trials, patents, social media impressions, and anything else that shows that the market has responded positively to your business are also acceptable.
  3. Terms: At Arcview, we let the founders make the first offer. That being said, “sticker shock” has, on more than one occasion, been a limiting factor in a company’s success in raising funds on our platform. The more thought you put into your valuation and what type of vehicle you choose, the easier you’ll be able to rationalize that process to the investors who are considering investing in you. I suggest reading the following to determine what investment vehicle type and terms are the most appropriate for your venture:

How does a company receive funding through Arcview?

Companies can either compete their way into one of our private Investor Pitch Forums while fundraising along the way, or they can be a sponsor.

The Competitive Process:

Companies can earn time on stage in front of 100+ cannabis-friendly accredited investors by participating in our competitive process. After an interview and application, you may be scheduled for a webinar where you will share a video presentation you have created and answer live questions from Arcview Investor Members. You will qualify for the in-person Investor Pitch Forum based on the scores you receive from the webinar and the Selection Committee decision made approximately three weeks prior to the Forum. Along the way you’ll be making a real live investment pitch to investors and also be included in our exclusive deal flow platform.


For companies with faster investment timelines, we have sponsorships for the Forum and webinars available. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

If I've gone through the Competitive Process before and wish to return to Arcview  to raise another round of funds, how do I come back?

Contact the Entrepreneur Relations Manager, Louis Han, and he will assist you with achieving more success with The Arcview Group.

How much does it cost to through the Competitive Process?

For first-timers, the entire competitive process is free – there is no fee for the application, the video, or the webinar. Payment is only required for those who qualify for and choose to attend the Investor Pitch Forum. The cost is either $2,500 or with stock warrants. Either payment option comes with:

    • 2 passes to the Investor Pitch Forum
    • Exhibit space at the Investor Pitch Forum
    • Presentation advising services

Returning companies that have gone through the Competitive Process before have to pay a nominal $500 fee to be on the webinar again.

Returning companies can also be considered by the Selection Committee again for free. Payment is still required at the conference level.

Does Arcview take a finders fee or a percentage of the companies presenting?

Arcview does not take a finders fee or a percentage of investment raise.

What resources can I look at to prepare for Arcview's Competitive Process?

Two key pieces are your pitch deck and 7-minute pitch video. These materials will be circulated to all 600+ accredited investors in our Network in addition to your webinar pitch.

If this is your first time fundraising and you would like to participate in an in-depth accelerator program, consider Canopy Boulder or Canopy San Diego.

You may also consider 1-on-1 help with Arcview Business Consulting.

Consider reviewing these materials as well:

What is the deployment capability of your Investor Network?

Our Members range from fund managers, family offices, and individual angel investors with varying levels of investment capabilities. Typical ask sizes of the companies range from $1MM to $5MM, typically in their Series A or B rounds.

Winner’s Fund and Best Pitch Prize

The Winner’s Fund is a $50,000 award meant for the best company presenting at each Forum.*

*Restrictions apply. Please contact us for more information.

What have other founders said about The Arcview Group?

“The Arcview Investor Forum was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for myself and our company Wurk. As a first time entrepreneur, I didn’t have the network of investors or the experience necessary to raise capital. However, Arcview filled in those gaps for me. Our goal was to raise a seed round of $500k. As of today, we raised $1M all from Arcview members. Oversubscription! Most importantly, these investors were all individuals who could add value to our business outside of just capital. We also met several individuals who didn’t invest but wanted to help us out of the goodness of their hearts. Truly an amazing experience.”

– Keegan Peterson, Wurk

“Arcview gave us an opportunity to pitch our company to top-tier investors and raise $2.4 million.  I have no doubt MassRoots would not be where it is today without Arcview and I look forward to delivering substantial returns to its members.”

– Isaac Dietrich, MassRoots

“[Arcview’s Chief Mentor] Francis Priznar is the ultimate gentleman and very business- and pitch-savvy.  His questions were thoughtful and his suggestions and coaching were profoundly helpful.   He gave me very insightful advice about engaging the audience, stating the vision and value proposition at the outset, and using graphics vs. words. In this difficult fundraising environment, having access to mentorship by a seasoned and successful mentor is extraordinarily helpful.  This type of ‘executive coaching’ is what sets Arcview apart and far above other funding platforms.”

– Mary Maida, CEO, Clerisy Corp.

“The caliber of Arcview’s vetted investors is top notch and the response to our company at the  forum was immediate. We were oversubscribed within 20 minutes of our presentation. Now we are well on our way to profitability. Kudos to Arcview! “

– Chey Barnes, SuperLeaf

“Toke With is forever grateful to the Arcview Investor Network. As a very rapidly growing company, we attribute where we are today to the deep and unwavering support of the Arcview family through our fundraising process! No other place in the world gathers such sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs in the cannabis space the way this network so effectively does.

Toke With pitched for the very first time at the Las Vegas forum in November 2016, and less than ninety days later in February 2017, we were able to successfully close our Series A investment round. An Arcview investor group led the financing with $1.5 million USD, an investor we would have otherwise never met had it not been for the platform that Arcview had provided us. Now, we are able to look fast forward to the future as we help shape the legal marijuana market with our technology and live-streaming content platform!”

-Miguel Sugay, Co-founder and CEO of Toke With

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