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Top 5 Mistakes New Cannabis Investors Make

Even seasoned investors make mistakes. Those mistakes can be remarkably costly. We’ve identified and distilled into one page what we consider the top 5 mistakes.

In this short, potent cheat sheet you’ll learn:

  • The #1 assumption new investors make that crush their chances for success;
  • What makes the cannabis industry unique, and how a deeply-embedded “mirror-imaging” mentality may lead you astray;
  • What to look for in a solid founding team; and,
  • Why deal flow is a critical success factor, and exactly where you can find it.
Former NFL Superstar Ricky Williams

To say that attending Arcview changed everything is an understatement.

Frank Marino

In most industries, CEO's track their progress quarter by quarter. In the Cannabis industry, we track our progress Arcview to Arcview.

Anthony Georgiadis

When we look back 20 years from now I would not be surprised if many of the names we commonly associate with cannabis had at one point come through Arcview.

Scot Trifilo

If you’re thinking about entering the cannabis industry as an investor or as an entrepreneur, look no further than Arcview. The best. Plain and simple.

Patrick O’Malley

If you want to invest in this brand-new industry, becoming a member of Arcview is a given.

Charles Jones, CEO, Chooze

Every Arcview event has produced a massive acceleration in our growth. We wouldn't be where we are with the level of investment we've received had we not attended Arcview.

Jim Stanczak

It is a rare treat when you begin a new endeavor with high expectations only to have them blown away.

Grammy award-winning musician Melissa Etheridge

Arcview is the place that set me on a path to getting the capital I need. This wasn't like any other kind of business conference. There are a lot of special people involved. I hope to see you at a future Arcview event.