Liesl Bernard

Liesl Bernard



Tell us your canna-story. What led you to this industry? What was your first endeavor and what piqued your interest about cannabis?

I have always been committed to living with purpose and always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. In 2015, I was a single mother and senior executive leader at a premier global executive search and staffing firm. A cannabis company approached me to assist them in finding a CFO; however, my employer at the time said that I could not work with cannabis industry clients. The opportunity presented itself, and I took a leap of faith. I believe in the many benefits of the marijuana plant, and I want to help cannabis and CBD organizations create successful teams so that the industry grows. Now, CannabizTeam is the world’s largest executive search and staffing firm catering exclusively to the cannabis and CBD industries.

What is your favorite thing about working in cannabis and what keeps you excited about continuing to work in this space? What do you find to be unique about this industry?

My favorite thing about working in the cannabis industry is meeting so many interesting and inspirational people from all walks of life. I meet people who are passionate about cannabis and focused on making genuine connections and providing products that heal, elevate creativity, and help people relax amid the chaos. I’m also very excited to work in an industry that’s growing so rapidly. I constantly see new cannabis products and technology, from new strains to tech that lets you measure your dosage, and it’s all so fascinating to me. It’s also a unique industry in that not too long ago, the cannabis stigma was strong, and now cannabis is deemed essential. The fact that it’s being accepted much more today is a reflection of our growth.

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