Samantha Dickinson


Coraggio Consulting

Tell us your canna-story. What led you to this industry? What was your first endeavor and what piqued your interest about cannabis?

I was coming from over 20 years in beverage, mixed with a little bit of tech, when an old neighbor reached out to me on LinkedIn to say he had a dispensary-owner friend that was potentially interested in working with me. She liked the branding of one beverage I had worked with. I had previously been drawn to cannabis but hadn’t found a path into it at that time. She and I had a call, completely hit it off, and the next thing I knew she became my biggest client for over a year.

When we originally met I knew the similarities cannabis had to beverage, which is why I was interested, but I had no idea – until my first site visit with her – how much more meaningful the purpose of the work would be. Her business was in a medical state, and they took their education and customer care very seriously. People came in talking to her budtenders like they were doctors. This wasn’t ‘just’ a bottle of wine (which, don’t get me wrong, can have depth of story and help create beautiful experiences)… it was *health* and *wellbeing*. It was not just wanted, but needed. It was game changing for so many. I observed her patient interactions for days and was moved to tears. My mother had passed away the year before, after she (and I, as her advocate) battled through our medical system and the experience deepened my commitment to health, and my conviction to avoid traditional care as much as possible.

I helped my client reimagine her brand to better communicate her products and services to her patients; the work was challenging, inspiring, and rewarding. More importantly, I felt as though I was contributing to something big and important for the world. Helping connect cannabis consumers to their best solutions, and brands to their audiences, is a passion that has real purpose for me. I look forward to how I can continue contributing to this industry.

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