Michael Steele Interview

“The war on drugs as a political concept and a social response has failed. In fact, it has probably done more to make drug addictions worse.”

Thank you for your interest in our exclusive interview with former RNC Chair Michael Steele. With this wide-ranging and frank discussion, we hope to arm both investors and operators with unique insights into the politics and business of cannabis. And Mr. Steele does not pull his punches.

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On Legalization:

“I don’t have a problem with adult use as long as it’s appropriately regulated and taxed and all those other things that make sure that it doesn’t get into the hands of anyone under a certain age. And so there are ways that you can approach the private, personal use of cannabis beyond the medical scope that I think can go to address a number of the concerns that people have.”

On Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice:

“The feds will find it harder and harder to enforce their draconian, archaic laws. That’s because it’s a fight—they know, ultimately—they’re not going to win.”

On Racial Equality in the Cannabis Industry:

“For all of the bullsh*t that’s come out of the drug war that’s impacted the black community, that now as they legalize it, they want us on the outside looking in—makes no sense to me.”

On the Cannabis Industry Being its Own Worst Enemy:

The minute a kid gets ahold of a gummy bear that’s laced with cannabis because they thought it was just a gummy bear, I cannot tell you how much it will set back the effort…folks in their zeal to grow the industry and to legitimize it could wind up taking many, many steps backward.”