Building New Foundations in the Cannabis Industry: Creating Gender Parity through Ownership, Leadership, Boards, Pay Equality, Branding, and Capital, takes a hard look at gender parity in the U.S. cannabis industry. The research, data, personal stories, and case studies in this series demonstrate why gender parity is crucial to business success. The purpose of this series of papers is to urge businesses and individuals to embrace gender parity practices in their own organizations.

Longtime industry partners and cannabis research leaders, The Arcview Group and National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) champion equity, advocate for social justice, and help those affected by the war on drugs. Together, the two groups are honoring the inauguration of the first female Vice President of the United States through a series of whitepapers conceptualized by Andrew Kline, the former Public Policy Director of NCIA, and written by a collection of exceptional women.

“Every woman seeking to enter the cannabis industry will benefit from reading it,” mentions Khadijah Adams, Chair of NCIA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee and CEO and Founder of Girl Get That Money.

Paper titles and authors include:

Getting StartedBuilding New Foundations in the Cannabis Industry includes:


Part 1Gender Parity in the C-Suite includes:


Part 2 – Pristine Companies Aren’t Good Enough for Cannabis Capital includes:


Part 3 – Product Development and Branding includes:


Part 4 – Pathways to Equity Ownership in the Cannabis Industry includes:



Part 5 – Equal Pay / Pay Equity – Pay Equity Definitions and Relevant Legislation includes:


Conclusion – Building New Foundations In The Cannabis Industry includes:


Toolkit – Board Representation Key Actionable Takeaways includes:
Toolkit – Board Representation List Of Research includes:
Toolkit – Learn More With Recommended Resources From Our Authors includes:
Downloads for the remaining sections and toolkits for this comprehensive white paper will be made available in a rolling release. When you request downloads for those currently available, you will receive notifications as subsequent sections are launched.

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