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Tapping the Cannabis Pros – 2023 Review & Outlook for 2024

Are you ready to dive into the critical topics that matter most to cannabis operators? Our upcoming webinar, “Tapping the Cannabis Pros – 2023 Review & 2024 Outlook” is your gateway to critical information on where our industry has been and is heading.

CEO Circle: Fields Cannary

In this CEO Circle program Jeff Finkle, CEO of Arcview, led a captivating discussion offering unique insights into the world of cannabis. Industry leader, Edgar Ramon, CEO of Fields Cannary, joined Jeff to share stories of his cannabis journey including the challenges and innovative strategies he learned along the way. You’ll also learn about his epiphany for his industry-first company AND the strategic move to launch a crowdfunding opportunity, enabling everyone to be part of it.

This program provides invaluable lessons for investors, budding entrepreneurs, and the canna-curious.

Find out more about Fields and their crowdfunding event, visit:

Arcview Access: Mastering the NY Cannabis License Application: Expert Strategies to WIN!

Arcview Access brings you an urgent webinar: “Mastering the NY Cannabis License Application: Expert Strategies to WIN!” Hosted by Arcview CEO Jeff Finkle and moderated by Jason Malcolm, Principal of Arcview Consulting, this is THE event for industry wins.

Join Us monthly | Duration: 75 minutes

Join us for an exclusive Fireside Chat with industry powerhouses Jeanne M. Sullivan of Arcview Ventures and Michael Correia Former Director of Government Relations for NCIA. They will provide the unfiltered truth on the latest developments in Washington D.C. and how they impact the cannabis industry.


Join Us monthly | Duration: 60 minutes

Learn how to identify and track the specific data points that can drive optimal results and success for your business. Discover the downsides of not paying attention to data, including missed opportunities and ineffective decision-making.

We’ll explore the importance of analyzing sales data, customer behavior, and market trends to inform your business strategy, as well as gain insights into the specific metrics and KPIs to track for optimal results in areas such as marketing, operations, and finance. Learn how to leverage data to make informed decisions and drive growth for your business.

Join Us monthly | Duration: 60 minutes

The cannabis industry is full of opportunities, but sometimes businesses face financial setbacks that make continuing operations unfeasible. Recognizing these issues early on is crucial to exploring available options and determining the best course of action. We’re here to help you navigate these challenges with our expert guidance and professional support.


Join Us monthly | Duration: 60 minutes

Discover the secrets of successful fundraising as industry experts guide you through the labyrinth of pre-seed and seed funding options. From tapping into the support of friends and family, to securing backing from professional angel investors and seed funds, to leveraging the power of online fundraising through crowdfunding, you’ll learn everything you need to know to fuel your business with the funding it needs to thrive.

So, come along for the ride and join us on this journey to financial success!

Are you seeking a specific State license? The Arcview Town Halls are designed to introduce you to the “State of the State” and some key business owners, influencers, regulators and resources within that State. The webinar discusses challenges, advances, what’s on the horizon and potential border state impact.


Join Us monthly | Duration: 60 minutes

Arcview investor summits have been creating the foundation of the legal cannabis industry, linking the crème-de-la-crème of the North American and international markets for many years, and we’re pleased to offer incredible opportunities for brands, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry specialists.


Whether you fall under one umbrella or more, our gathering is a place to drill down on the three core pillars of our industry with panels, activations, and presentations to guide the future of investing in cannabis capital, cannabis culture, and cannabis capability to build an equitable future.

Hiring in cannabis is a complicated process that requires experience, intuition, and research, from both sides! We want the audience to walk away with actionable tips for

  • Breaking into cannabis at any level
  • Senior and Exec power moves
  • Tips for recruiting all types of canna- candidates

Join Us monthly | Duration: 60 minutes

With 2023 right around the corner, what marketing activities do you have planned to jump start your year?

2022 was the year to regain footing from the pivots and changes made in 2020 and 2021. It was the year where you started seeing growth and possibilities…again. But 2023, well that will be different. It’s the “no excuses, back to being the full enchilada” year. Nothing can stand in your way to have a full and competitive year. That’s your competition’s plan. Are you primed and ready to do the same?

Joining Arcview CMO and Arcview Marketing Services (AMS) Founder, Carolyn Matthies and Creative Director, Steve Keltz are:

  • David Paleschuck, consultant and author of the first book on cannabis branding
  • Colleen Beatty, Area Marketing Manage for Cannabis at Grodan Inc.
  • and a special surprise guest that’s leveraging an exciting new(-ish) Arcview tech platform to create brand awareness and raise capital.

Arcview Events & Experiences is headed back to NYC after three long years and so much has changed in the cannabis landscape.

What hasn’t changed is the strong Arcview community of investors, cannabis companies and industry specialists that we look forward to welcoming back to our live events.

Arcview investor summits have been creating the foundation of the legal cannabis industry, linking the crème-de-la-crème of the North American and international markets for many years, and we’re pleased to offer incredible opportunities for brands, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry specialists.

Beverage Biz Breakdown will cover the ins and outs of building a beverage or brand, the nuances of the market, and key growth opportunities.

Guests include Vertosa CEO Benjamin Larson, Herbaceé Founder and Certified Wine Expert Jamie Evans, Altered Plates co-founder Rachel Burkons, plus more to be announced soon. We can’t wait to dig into what the future intersection of cannabis and other beverage markets looks like.

Jeff Finkle interviews John Ripley, CEO and Founder of our Alliance Partner: Waterton Partners.

Strap in for an inclusive walk through of the Alleaves cultivation and retail modules that has been delighting clients since inception. This 45-minute webinar will walk you through how our “Grow” module can be used in a cultivation space and adhere to the strictest of standards for quality and compliance. After that our retail module “Sell” takes center stage to show order tracking, and the checkout process with a glimpse into our POS as well. We hope that with this brief overview you take away the impact and attention to detail that Alleaves provides for any cannabis business, whether that’s cultivation, retail, or payments.

Direct contact for prospects to reach out to: [email protected]

Plant touching businesses are one thing– but those who support those businesses with their own specialties are another.


We’re taking August to focus in on ancillary business opportunities and how they shape the industry– and we’re excited to cover banking, software, employment, and other adjacent topics.

In this short peek inside Oakland’s brand new Root’d’ in the 510 dispensary co-founder Daniel Chung tells Arcview all about how he and co-founder Rickey McCullough (both Harborside alum) procured a social equity license, secured capital, and even survived a pre-grand opening robbery.

With the retail space named one of Architectural Digest’s 12 Most Stylist Dispensaries, the pair are working hard to build out Oakland’s biggest consumption lounge to date.

Audiences want to know more about how Web3 interacts and intersects with cannabis to explore what the future looks like in both spaces.

Bring both your cannabis and your web3 hats to this one!

Queer folks have always been at the forefront of the cannabis industry, increasing access and advocating for freedoms.
We tapped some of the most successful and interesting 2SLGBTQIA+ brand builders and cannabis community members to talk about how they created this space, and how they want to see it move in the future.

When we last chatted with our Midwest cannabis community, things looked a lot different than they do today.
We chatted on Thursday, June 23rd — linking together the Midwest region and its cannabis news, businesses, and culture — this is a worthwhile peek at what’s happening in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and other neighboring states.

Seeking funds for your business? It’s time to consider all of the ways you can seek capital— creative and traditional.

A capital raise doesn’t have to be a puzzle, let Arcview’s decade-plus expertise and amazing panelists demystify the fundraising journey.

Are you looking to scale and/or expand Your cannabis business across state lines? Have you recently done so and learned first-hand about all the regulatory obstacles and federal illegality around becoming a multi-state operator (MSO)? Learn from the experts on best practices how to be prepared and what steps need to be taken to be successful.
Becoming a Multi-State Operator (MSO) is an expensive endeavor that is not only a financial investment but a competitive and time-consuming venture.

Jeff Finkle interviews Robert Craig, CEO of our Alliance Partner: PayQwick

At the beginning, everything clicks. But the pressures of your growing business in a volatile legal environment can turn love at first sight into a Wild West shootout. Don’t get shot! Protect yourself and your business colleagues by setting expectations and responding quickly when trouble erupts.
We’ll discuss topics such as ownership disputes, cannabis litigation, and co-founder breakups with pioneers in the legal cannabis space.

Jeff Finkle interviews Lorenzo Nourafchan, CEO of our Alliance Partner: Northstar Financial

Washington has led the way from the beginning. What lessons can we learn from this mature market, how it has grown, how it navigated the legal and social landscape, what trends are happening there now, and more.

Duration: 60 minutes

The Arcview Group’s CEO Jeff Finkle interviews Evan Augustine, CRO of our Alliance Partner: Wurk

The cannabis vape industry had a year, right? (we’re talking $2.6B in the U.S. alone!) Learn what caused this exponential growth in the Greentank Vape Market Workshop.

From tracking growth, trend spotting, and digging into competitive landscapes, you’ll uncover all of this and more.

Duration: 60 minutes

Are you seeking a specific State license? The Arcview Town Halls are designed to introduce you to the “”State of the State”” and some key business owners, influencers, regulators and resources within that State. The webinar discusses challenges, advances, what’s on the horizon and potential boarder state impact.

Join Us monthly | Duration: 60 minutes

The Minority Cannabis Business Association has partnered with The Arcview Group to bring the Cannabis Industry a brand new report on social equity. The Arcview Access program will kick off the release of the co-branded report, and the program will provide an overview of the report as well as a toolkit to help cannabis business owners and operators do good for the Cannabis Industry.

More often than not, we hear cannabis entrepreneurs decide that their exit strategies will be via merger or acquisition… and that leads to many questions for investors. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or simply learning more about the industry, we’ve gathered the M&A experts to talk you through their experiences and advice.

There’s a lot that can be said about the cannabis market in California. The tax issue alone raises a lot of uncertainty for this state that kicked off US legalization. Will CA remain a dominant producer for cannabis? What will the competition look like on a national level?

Join us for our next Town Hall program in the golden state! We will virtually visit California and discuss the United State’s largest Cannabis market.

In collaboration with special guests Greentank and Marijuana Packaging, we have a special edition vape workshop just in time for the holiday season. It’s a topic that has been top of mind for the industry as one of the most popular cannabis products in the market, as well as controversial at times. Today we will look at where we have been and where we will be going with the vape market.

We take a look at our experiences in traditional markets such as California and Colorado, as well as regions that are on the cusp such as Missouri, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Regulations have been changing, what does that mean for state by state legalization, product assortment, and consumer trends?

Everyone is watching The Garden State as the application process kicks-in for new rounds of licenses. Join us for a lively discussion with industry experts as we discuss New Jersey’s new regulations, challenges, successes, and lessons from other states. Is New Jersey truly the metaphorical tortoise that beat the hare… or is there more to come?

Join Us monthly | Duration: 60 minutes

Monthly YouTube Live chats with Arcview, Green Growth CPA and guests to discuss the months’ hottest news related to the business of cannabis.

Duration: 45 minutes

Launched in 2020, over 30,000 have been part of our flagship digital program. Arcview Access is where thought leaders, experts and community come together to share and discuss the latest trends, stories, insights and visions for what is to come. Guest speakers have included notables such as Jim Belushi, Isaiah Thomas, Governors and Regulators. Join us for our next episode!

Join Us monthly | Duration: 60 minutes

The recent news from Ohio indicates that the Buckeye State’s cannabis industry is on the brink of something big. Adult-use legislation was introduced in the state senate last month, while another bill taking shape is looking to expand their medical program.

Join Us monthly | Duration: 60 minutes

Companies regularly spend a fortune on HR, accounting, legal, and insurance, and yet still get it wrong. Join us to understand how your company should lay the foundations of your back-office to set you up for success.

The most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability, according to McKinsey & Co. Join us to learn how to build diversity into your company’s infrastructure and incorporate diversity into your investment thesis.

We’re debunking the myths and upending the stereotypes around psychedelics in our upcoming Arcview Access! Join us to understand the fundamentals of psychedelics, how they can assist with chronic pain, and the legalities around the industry that make it a compelling investment space.

Join us on our next stop in our Town Hall series as we head to Massachusetts! MA’s cannabis industry has surpassed $2B in sales, has issued 900+ licenses, and employed more than 16K people in less than three years. Find out what’s behind Massachusetts’s success and what comes next for the commonwealth’s cannabis industry.

Join us for a Special Edition Arcview Access on Tuesday, October 12th at 1:00pm PT/4:00pm ET to discuss the latest legislative pushes on Capitol Hill:

  • What is SAFE Banking, and what effects will it have on the cannabis industry?
  • What is the CAOA, and how is it affecting SAFE Banking’s chances of making it through the Senate?
  • How are federal legislators thinking about cannabis legislation, and what are the possible timelines for federal change?
  • How do state-level cannabis laws affect the federal legislative landscape?

David Abernathy of Arcview Consulting will sit down with Liz Connors, VP of Data & Analytics at Headset, and Jewel Loree, Senior Product Manager at Headset, to discuss the data analytics firm’s latest findings on the cannabis industry.

What can states like New York or Massachusetts learn from Illinois’s positively exploding Cannabis industry? With just over 1 billion dollars made so far in recreational cannabis, the state is looking at serious success in the rollout of their Cannabis program, both recreational and medical. But how long can this growth sustain itself? And is Illinois living up to the lofty social equity aims it started with? Our panel of experts includes: HOST: Jeffrey Finkle and Jeanne Sullivan of the Arcview Group SPONSORS: Jocelyn Sheltraw of Headset and David Wright of GreenTank GUEST: Pamela Taylor, the MAP Group GUEST: Douglas Kelly, Cannabis Equality Illinois Coalition GUEST: Jared Loadholt, Ice Miller GUEST: Akele Parnell, License Lottery Winner

Host/Moderator: Brian MacDonald


• Rebecca Kacaba, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of DealMaker

• Cecil Robles, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of EI Ventures

• Dr. Linda Strause Ph.D, Director of Clinical Development of EI Ventures

• Tyler Strause, Product Development of EI Ventures

Enlightenment occurred earlier this year for the Empire State—New York passed adult-use legislation for its 20 million residents. Finally!

While much remains up in the air with New York’s rules and regulations, we want to help you prepare for what’s coming. What do we know about getting a license in New York, and what don’t we know? What’s the anticipated timetable for licenses? And what should you do now if you wish to apply for a New York license?

Vapes represent a microcosm of the success of the entire North American cannabis industry, going from near zero to a multi-billion-dollar industry in less than a decade. With the meteoric rise of vapes in the cannabis industry and regulation looming, what comes next?

We hope you enjoy our free public webinar on the past and future of vaporizers and the PACT Act’s impact on the industry.

Catch the replay of the Michigan Town Hall!

We explored the State of Michigan’s cannabis industry with a panel of Michigan cannabis experts. What lessons can we learn from one of the most expansive, cannabis-licensing frameworks in America?

More than a decade ago, Steve DeAngelo and Troy Dayton founded the Arcview Group on the principle that business can be one of the most powerful platforms for social change. Since then, Arcview has raised millions of dollars to build an equitable cannabis industry.

But our work hasn’t stopped—and it won’t stop. We’re committed to creating a free, fair, and just cannabis industry in which all people have opportunities to succeed and thrive. Join us to learn how we can all contribute to a more inclusive cannabis industry!

Launched in 2020, over 19,000 have been part of our flagship digital program, Arcview Access, where thought leaders, experts, and the community come together to share and discuss the latest trends, stories, insights, and visions for what is to come. Guest speakers have included notables such as Jim Belushi, Isaiah Thomas, Governors, and Regulators. Join us for our next episode!

Join Arcview as we explore the State of Oklahoma’s cannabis industry. What lessons can we learn from one of the most expansive, cannabis-licensing frameworks in America? Our panel of experts is eager to answer your questions, and a select few registrants have been chosen to ask their questions LIVE to our panel!

Join us for a free webinar to discuss psychedelic medicine investment!

Last year, we saw the US suffer the worst economic growth since World War II. The pandemic caused the economy to shrink by 3.5%, and almost doubled the unemployment rate when 10 million Americans lost their jobs.

And yet… the cannabis industry saw explosive job growth in 2020.

Join Arcview as we explore the most established adult-use cannabis market in the United States. What lessons can we learn from the first state ever to legalize cannabis as we teeter on the cusp of federal legalization?

As cannabis stocks soar and the United States stands on the precipice of potential federal legalization, investing in the industry couldn’t be more timely. What should you know before considering exchange equity for capital?

Hemp is about more than CBD. In fact, it has been a staple in our society for over 10,000 years and has more than 10,000 use cases. Whether it’s for alternative energy, housing materials, or fiber alternatives and plant-based nutrition, hemp can and will change our relationship with our planet.

An amazing brand, product, or service starts with a vivid understanding of how it fits into people’s lives. Learn techniques for using data to reveal how, where, and when customers are receptive to your message.

Ready to be inspired? The Arcview Group’s CEO, Kim Kovacs, interviews California State Controller, Betty Yee. Both women have so much to share about their incredible career journeys. For instance, did you know that Controller Yee is only the tenth woman in California history to be elected to a statewide office? With over 35 years in public service, Ms. Yee has a wide range of experience from land management to tax policy, at both state and local levels.

Join us for a very important webinar to discuss the newly launched white paper collaboration between NCIA and The Arcview Group, “Building New Foundations in the Cannabis Industry” to learn more about creating gender parity through ownership, leadership, boards, pay equality, branding, and capital.

Arizona was one of 5 states to approve cannabis reform during this last election cycle, becoming one of 11 states to legalize cannabis for adult use. Join us as we explore opportunities and needs of the newly minted Arizona cannabis market. Local cannabis experts and thought leaders will respond to real live questions from the cannabis community in an interactive, town hall format.

Federal legalization is on the horizon. The new administration voiced support for legalizing cannabis and 5 new states joined the ranks of 36 other states last year with positive cannabis reform laws. Is your cannabis business ready?

Cannabis investing is like a marriage and like all marriages some don’t fare as well as others. So what happens when things go south? What are the warning signs? How can you prepare and what can you do at the beginning to protect yourself as a cannabis investor?

Ever wonder what a CEO is thinking the day before they take their company public? We certainly do and we have a very special program just for you – our Arcview Community – to hear from Jason Mitchell, CEO of Hempfusion. Jason will be join our very own Kim Kovacs, CEO of The Arcview Group, to share his insights and answer your questions live the day before their shares list on the TSX.

With 5 states that passed cannabis reform laws in 2020, exciting times are ahead! Join us in this first part of a series of state spotlights as we have an open discussion with the New Jersey cannabis community to explore the opportunities, needs, and challenges of the newly legalized state. A select group of registrants will be chosen to speak live with their questions with our panel of experts.

How is the global landscape of patient access to medical cannabis evolving? Join executives Ken Weisbrod (Shopper’s Drug Mart), Larry Lisser (HelloMD), and Deepak Anand (Materia Ventures) for an international conversation on how Canada, the EU, and the United States are expanding access to cannabis patients around the world. Sponsored by Alpharoot.

Catch the replay of Tales from the Top with special guest Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands

The Cannabis industry has been hindered by lack of access to robust financial services that are available to other industries, including investment and payments. With COVID-19, as essential businesses, lack of electronic contactless payments is especially dangerous – for employees and customers.

Take a trip to Colorado to visit one of the most innovative hemp processing facilities with Hemp Foundry and Leafwell Botanicals. In this 2-for-1 tour, we’ll learn about how hemp is processed into some of your favorite CBD-based products. Leading the tour is Leafwell Botanicals CEO Luis Gamardo and Hemp Foundry CEO John Kelly.

Save the date and join us for our next webinar- Cannabis 3.0: Building Brands with Purpose, sponsored by Alpharoot.

Join us 9/22 @ 1pm PT/ 4pm ET for the kickoff to Season 2 of our Arcview Access webinar series!

ACG and Arcview present a webinar panel discussion about investing in cannabis.

Catch the replay of Tales from the Top with special guest, Jessica Billingsley, CEO of Akerna.

Let’s take a close look at how Nova Scotia-based cannabis producer Aqualitas is using aquaponics, organics, and even koi fish in their proprietary growing system. We’ll tour the facility and have a Q & A session Myrna Gillis, CEO & Co-Founder and Danielle Maitland, Cultivation and Aquaponics.

While THC remains strictly prohibited in China, the rapid growth of the global CBD market has prompted the Chinese government to develop regulations enabling domestic production of higher-value, non-psychoactive cannabinoids from industrial hemp.

Visit one of the oldest cultivation and genetics companies, Dark Heart Nursery. Learn how they’re pushing forward cutting edge cannabis genetics and how they empower farmers. Dan Grace, Dark Heart CEO, answers questions during a live Q&A period.

Join host Codie Sanchez of Entourage Effect Capital and moderator AC Braddock of Eden Labs as we examine consumer safety, brand transparency, quality control, trends in the industry including monetary forecasts, and more.

How does a modern day cannabis company create tasty, effective edibles like peanut butter cups and chocolate covered coffee beans? Join us for a behind-the-scenes look into 1906 New Highs, one of Colorado’s leading edible brands powering the cannabis economy. Take an inside look into how 1906 manages to create precisely dosed edibles through their modern day technology, rigorous standard operating procedures, and scientific research.

As the opportunities in the cannabis industry continue to grow, investors are increasingly keeping an eye on the global market.

Catch the replay of Tales from the Top with special guest Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve.

Jump into the world of cannabis testing with the first ISO-accredited cannabis testing lab – CannaSafe. How do your favorite products get tested for potency and safety? Leading the tour is Aaron Riley, CannaSafe CEO, who also answers questions from the audience.

The food and beverage industries are booming with new infusions and we’re excited to bring you this discussion with top industry leaders.

Thanks for joining as we took a closer look at opportunities for distressed assets and valuations.

Special guests included: Tom Zuber, Managing Partner of Zuber Lawler; Hershel Gerson, Managing Director of ELLO Capital; and Tiffany Liff, Managing Director of Entourage Effect Capital.

Thanks for joining us on June 3rd as we prophesied how federal reform could happen and the steps to getting there with an incredible roster of political experts.

Special guests included: Cory Gardner, U.S. Senator for Colorado, Earl Blumenauer, U.S. Representative for Oregon’s 3rd congressional district; Aaron Smith, CEO of the National Cannabis Industry Association; Steven Hawkins, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project; and Alain Bankier, Lifetime Arcview Member and active investor.

Things are anything but normal and this episode examined what that means across the cannabis industry.

Hosted by Codie Sanchez of Entourage Effect Capital and moderated by Debra Borchardt, Co-Founder and CEO of Green Market Report.

Special guests included Kris Krane from 4Front and Jamie Pearson of Bhang Corp.

This episode was about all things supply chain, including answering some of your top questions.

Hosted by Codie Sanchez of Entourage Effect Capital and moderated by Matt Barron, Managing Partner of 12/12 Ventures.

Special guests included Alex Rowland, Co-Founder and CEO of NewTropic, one of the largest cannabis manufacturers in California, and Jack Grover, Founder and CEO of Grove Bags, one of the top cultivation packaging companies in the marijuana and hemp industries.

In a tribute event, The Arcview Group celebrates a decade of deal-making and watching cannabis go from illegal to ESSENTIAL.

Thank you to all that joined us, 4/20/20 for fun, laughter and cannabis insights in a rolling, international celebration of 420 and our entire industry.

Hosted by Codie Sanchez, this Arcview Access™ featured NFL icon Marvin Washington, NBA All-Star Isiah Thomas, and guest moderator Jon Najarian, a former Chicago Bears linebacker. This episode tackled all things cannabis including stigmas, the impact on sports, and other important issues such as how cannabis can be used as an alternative to opioids.

Executives from Caliva, Weedmaps, and Eaze discuss where they will review the current landscape for cannabis business, share insights and reveal predictions and recommendations to navigate what’s next.

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