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Leveraging capitalism to drive political and social change

Led by Kelly Perez and Courtney Mathis, Founders of kindColorado, Cannabis Doing Good, and Cannabis Impact Fund (CIF)

We all want to do good, but there is often a disconnect between wanting to do good and knowing how. Kelly Perez and Courtney Mathis, the Founders of Cannabis Doing Good, kindColorado, and the Cannabis Impact Fund are here to guide us on what it means to be anti-racist, how to be an anti-racist leader, and tactical ways to be shame resilient and show up as imperfect champions for equity and justice in our beloved cannabis industry.

Join Arcview as we explore the most established adult-use cannabis market in the United States. What lessons can we learn from the first state ever to legalize cannabis as we teeter on the cusp of federal legalization?

Hemp is about more than CBD. In fact, it has been a staple in our society for over 10,000 years and has more than 10,000 use cases. Whether it’s for alternative energy, housing materials, or fiber alternatives and plant-based nutrition, hemp can and will change our relationship with our planet.

Ready to be inspired? The Arcview Group’s CEO, Kim Kovacs, interviews California State Controller, Betty Yee. Both women have so much to share about their incredible career journeys. For instance, did you know that Controller Yee is only the tenth woman in California history to be elected to a statewide office? With over 35 years in public service, Ms. Yee has a wide range of experience from land management to tax policy, at both state and local levels.

Join us for a very important webinar to discuss the newly launched white paper collaboration between NCIA and The Arcview Group, “Building New Foundations in the Cannabis Industry” to learn more about creating gender parity through ownership, leadership, boards, pay equality, branding, and capital.

Arizona was one of 5 states to approve cannabis reform during this last election cycle, becoming one of 11 states to legalize cannabis for adult use. Join us as we explore opportunities and needs of the newly minted Arizona cannabis market. Local cannabis experts and thought leaders will respond to real live questions from the cannabis community in an interactive, town hall format.

Cannabis investing is like a marriage and like all marriages some don’t fare as well as others. So what happens when things go south? What are the warning signs? How can you prepare and what can you do at the beginning to protect yourself as a cannabis investor?

Ever wonder what a CEO is thinking the day before they take their company public? We certainly do and we have a very special program just for you – our Arcview Community – to hear from Jason Mitchell, CEO of Hempfusion. Jason will be join our very own Kim Kovacs, CEO of The Arcview Group, to share his insights and answer your questions live the day before their shares list on the TSX.

With 5 states that passed cannabis reform laws in 2020, exciting times are ahead! Join us in this first part of a series of state spotlights as we have an open discussion with the New Jersey cannabis community to explore the opportunities, needs, and challenges of the newly legalized state. A select group of registrants will be chosen to speak live with their questions with our panel of experts.

How is the global landscape of patient access to medical cannabis evolving? Join executives Ken Weisbrod (Shopper’s Drug Mart), Larry Lisser (HelloMD), and Deepak Anand (Materia Ventures) for an international conversation on how Canada, the EU, and the United States are expanding access to cannabis patients around the world. Sponsored by Alpharoot.

Let’s take a close look at how Nova Scotia-based cannabis producer Aqualitas is using aquaponics, organics, and even koi fish in their proprietary growing system. We’ll tour the facility and have a Q & A session Myrna Gillis, CEO & Co-Founder and Danielle Maitland, Cultivation and Aquaponics.

While THC remains strictly prohibited in China, the rapid growth of the global CBD market has prompted the Chinese government to develop regulations enabling domestic production of higher-value, non-psychoactive cannabinoids from industrial hemp.

How does a modern day cannabis company create tasty, effective edibles like peanut butter cups and chocolate covered coffee beans? Join us for a behind-the-scenes look into 1906 New Highs, one of Colorado’s leading edible brands powering the cannabis economy. Take an inside look into how 1906 manages to create precisely dosed edibles through their modern day technology, rigorous standard operating procedures, and scientific research.

Jump into the world of cannabis testing with the first ISO-accredited cannabis testing lab – CannaSafe. How do your favorite products get tested for potency and safety? Leading the tour is Aaron Riley, CannaSafe CEO, who also answers questions from the audience.

Thanks for joining us on June 3rd as we prophesied how federal reform could happen and the steps to getting there with an incredible roster of political experts.

Special guests included: Cory Gardner, U.S. Senator for Colorado, Earl Blumenauer, U.S. Representative for Oregon’s 3rd congressional district; Aaron Smith, CEO of the National Cannabis Industry Association; Steven Hawkins, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project; and Alain Bankier, Lifetime Arcview Member and active investor.

Things are anything but normal and this episode examined what that means across the cannabis industry.

Hosted by Codie Sanchez of Entourage Effect Capital and moderated by Debra Borchardt, Co-Founder and CEO of Green Market Report.

Special guests included Kris Krane from 4Front and Jamie Pearson of Bhang Corp.

This episode was about all things supply chain, including answering some of your top questions.

Hosted by Codie Sanchez of Entourage Effect Capital and moderated by Matt Barron, Managing Partner of 12/12 Ventures.

Special guests included Alex Rowland, Co-Founder and CEO of NewTropic, one of the largest cannabis manufacturers in California, and Jack Grover, Founder and CEO of Grove Bags, one of the top cultivation packaging companies in the marijuana and hemp industries.

Hosted by Codie Sanchez, this Arcview Access™ featured NFL icon Marvin Washington, NBA All-Star Isiah Thomas, and guest moderator Jon Najarian, a former Chicago Bears linebacker. This episode tackled all things cannabis including stigmas, the impact on sports, and other important issues such as how cannabis can be used as an alternative to opioids.

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