The Arcview Team

Troy Dayton


Steve DeAngelo


Francis J. Priznar

SVP, Chief Mentor, and CSO

Will Petruski

Vice President of Sales

David Abernathy

Director of Information Technology

Cheryl R. Blain

Director of Operations & Finance

Jeff Dayton

Investor Relations

Elyse Bernstein

Director of Events

Dora La Flora Czifra

Office & Events Manager

Louis Han

Entrepreneur Relations Manager

Abby Benjamin

Media Relations & Human Resources

RJ Archambo

Investor Relations

Liana Gillooly

Outreach Manager

Chris Snider

Investor Relations

Steffianna Claiden

Investor Relations

Anastasia Briggs

Marketing Manager

Amanda Fish

Office Administrator

Sumit Mehta

Strategy & Finance Consultant

Patrick Rea


Steve Berg


Kris Lotlikar

Researcher & Board Member

Steven K. Lee

Outside General Counsel