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Women’s Inclusion Network is a network dedicated to supporting women in the cannabis industry. We empower each other with facts, conversations, mentorship, and deal flow. We are championing the movement to bring more women investors, companies, and products to the forefront of the industry.

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$497 Yearly Membership

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WIN x Miss Grass: Holiday Shopping Edition!

The holiday season is upon us and it’s a truly magical time! Don’t stress the gifts this year – Arcview Women’s Investor Network and Miss Grass have partnered to curate the ultimate holiday guide for everyone on your list, and better yet, it features all female- founded companies! Oh … did we mention the products ship anywhere in the US?

From sparkling beverages to gift boxes; to topicals, elixirs, and more – what better way to give a thoughtful gift this year than with high-quality products from woman-founded companies that have incredible stories? And why not grab something for yourself as well? After all, 2020 has been a crazy year and we feel you deserve it!

We’ve featured the following brands: Amma Healing, Aurora Elixirs, Backyard Soda Co., Belifted Botanicals, BLNCD Naturals, Element Apothec, Elmore Mountain Therapeutics, Empower BodyCare, and Humboldt Apothecary.

AMMA was born from the fundamental belief that wellness starts from the inside out. We are told our whole lives that there is something we need to fix about ourselves and then we are sold the solution – the right makeup, the right exercise, the right shampoo. AMMA’s mission is to turn that on its head and invite our deep intuitive wisdom to speak up: we are not broken, we are whole, and we are resilient.

The power of the hemp plant is its ability to help us strip away the layers that disconnect us from our wellness. At AMMA, we are focused not on adding or solving, but on supporting your mind and body’s inherent ability to heal and thrive. This fundamental truth inspired AMMA Healing’s mission to bring wellness and balance to our planet and its people through high quality hemp products.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and emerging recreational cannabis industries in Oregon, Founder and CEO Victoria Pustynsky’s vision was to apply refined sensibilities and savvy to elevate the quality, consistency, and sophistication of the infused products market. Following a career in luxury wine & spirits, Victoria designed Aurora Elixirs for an inspired ‘aperitif’ experience that evokes balance and restoration without intoxication.

The flavors of our elixirs are built to evoke the aromatics of the best expressions of cannabis – citrus, floral, piney, and woodsy, Aurora’s inspirations are the Northern Lights & the Goddess of the Dawn, introducing the benefits of cannabinoids to new consumers and enthusiasts in a thoughtful and inspired concoction. Our mission is to bring a unique and beautiful product into the hands of those seeking to redefine a traditional cocktail occasion. More than a fad, but an enduring and authentic new expression of refreshment.

Inspired by the idea of enjoying creative cocktails, without always needing to add alcohol, Backyard Soda Co. was born through what Leah and Jonathan Schultz called “cocktails with benefits.” They have always believed function should still be fun and set out to make the best tasting CBD drink on the market. They began infusing simple syrups with full spectrum CBD, creating a flavor-forward ingredient that could be used as a spirit replacement, while still being delicious when alcohol is added.

With Backyard Soda, you can socialize without giving up fun, flavor, or feeling like yourself in the morning. In fact, the benefits derived from cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp mean you might even wake up more refreshed the following day.

Backyard Soda’s hand-crafted, all-natural CBD-infused beverages meet consumers where they are in life. Because they shouldn’t have to skip the party just so they can “adult” the next day. They can have good times and good tomorrows. Real ingredients and real connections. They can have a great time without a great hangover. And they will, when they step into the backyard.

At BeLIFTED Botanicals we say we care because we have been there, and it is true. We have struggled with our skin and we want to make having great skin easier for our customers. BeLIFTED Botanicals’ mission is to be a bright light in an imperfect world. We care about you, your skin, the world, and the communities we operate in. Along with a commitment to donate 1% of our profits to environmental charities, we promise that as we grow as a company, we will grow in the good that we contribute.

BeLIFTED Botanicals was born out of founder and actress April Billingsley’s desire for skincare that was both effective and good for the world. Excited about the blooming research behind CBD as an ingredient in skincare, April set out to create what has become BeLIFTED Botanicals. BeLIFTED Botanicals skincare line boasts not only high-quality CBD, but multiple incredible and proven plant-based ingredients like hyaluronic acid, green tea, rosehip seed oil, kelp, and chamomile. Our products are designed to lift you up to be the best version of you, one with your best skin.

With the support of her sister, Jessica Billingsley, an experienced entrepreneur and CEO, and friend and fellow skin care enthusiast Valerie Hinkle; BeLIFTED Botanicals made their first sales in October 2020.

A women-owned and operated business, BLNCD Naturals creates high-quality beauty and wellness products inspired by the therapeutic properties of plant-based ingredients, including CBD.

BLNCD founders came together after making personal strides towards healthier living – from paying closer attention to what’s in their cosmetics and personal care products to looking for more holistic solutions for everyday ailments. Now, together, they are introducing their line of high performing, luxurious products to mainstream consumers.

The BLNCD team includes a beauty industry leader, certified esthetician, and chemists to ensure clean, effective skincare and wellness products.

BLNCD is a vertically integrated company that allows them to control their hemp/CBD supply chain from farm to table. Starting with their farm partnerships with midwest organic farmers, and investment in their organic processing facility, they secure organic hemp, organically process it, and then manufacture their finished products in their GMP Compliant ISO 9001 lab, in Minneapolis, MN.

BLNCD products are formulated with midwest-grown, certified organic hemp, and organic and wildcrafted premium-quality ingredients. They’re currently made in small batches ensuring consistency and quality. Third-party lab testing is done on every batch.

Each co-founder shares a passion for ethical, conscious sourcing, high-level quality control, and an integrated approach to health and wellness.

Elēment Apothēc is a new purpose-driven brand focused on CBD-infused wellness and body care products which combine the healing power of nature with the ingenuity of science. We are passionate about formulating products that are healthy for your body, inside and out; advocating for higher standards; creating social impact; and empowering you via transparency and education, all while holding ourselves accountable to unparalleled standards of safety and quality. Our “Never, Ever Promise” means we will never use any toxic, harsh, or bad ingredients in any of our products, ever.

Element Apothec was born in a kitchen, not in a lab. When our CEO’s great-aunt couldn’t find safe products to help her with symptoms from multiple medical conditions and everyday life stressors, she created products that helped her and countless others. Today, those time-tested, artisanal formulations have found a new life as we partner with integrative practitioners to infuse new products with high-quality CBD, CBG, CBN and other plant based botanicals and bring them to you.

All of our products are vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free, all natural, and 100% clean. Reinforcing our dedication to formulate the best products for you, we have received certifications from ClearForMe, CERTClean and Leaping Bunny. From the ingredients we source to the packaging we use, we always consider the environmental impact and what we can do to minimize it. We are committed to doing more for the planet by pledging 1% of gross sales to 1% For The Planet.

Elēment Apothēc. Never, ever anything but good!

Ashley Reynolds is the President and Co-Founder of Elmore Mountain Therapeutics. Ashley and her husband Colin established EMT in May of 2017 after Ashley’s personal struggle with postpartum anxiety. Finding relief through the use of CBD, Ashley saw a need for cannabis advocation to all. Reynolds believes the strong household decision makers of the world stand to benefit the most from the use of cannabis and has worked tirelessly empowering women to make smart, safe decisions around cannabis use. By providing science backed education and high quality lab tested CBD products, Ashley and the EMT Team have created a loyal following of canna-experts. Ask any customer why they choose EMT over other CBD brands and they will passionately tell you EMT is more than product, it’s a way of life, it’s culture.

The Reynolds’ company mission is to operate at the intersection of well being, economic development, social justice, and environmental sustainability. Ashley and Colin are known as industry experts and can be seen in the recent Tedtalk “Cannabis: A future without Stigma” as well as numerous podcasts. They are both born and raised Vermonters who live in Elmore, VT with their two children.

Trista Okel made her first batch of cannabis oil in a Crock-Pot in her home kitchen as a DIY endeavor to help her mom manage pain. It was 2004 — well before cannabis or CBD was in headlines or on grocery store shelves, but Trista was convinced of the plant’s power to help people reduce discomfort and lead more enjoyable, fulfilling lives.

Fast-forward to 2013, when Trista founded Empower BodyCare, a cannabis and hemp topicals brand setting the gold standard for safety, transparency and quality in the industry. Portland-based Empower BodyCare offers a variety of CBD-infused self-care products, including topical oil, lotions and soaking salts. All products are thoughtfully crafted with natural, ethically sourced ingredients, including CBD oil derived from organically grown hemp, as well as organic essential oils and carrier oils. In early 2020, the company launched the high-end, high-potency Empower Luxe line, found in Nordstrom and online.

Even though their products are no longer made in a Crock-Pot and the brand is known far beyond its Pacific Northwest roots, Empower BodyCare’s founding commitment to delivering the highest quality remains unchanged. Today, Trista is an industry pioneer, sought for her passion and knowledge about cannabinoid products, CBD’s immense potential and the need for improved testing standards. Empower BodyCare has earned several accolades, including the 2020 Best Topical Award from Willamette Week. With a loyal nationwide following, these beloved CBD topical products are found on home, store and spa shelves across the country.

Humboldt Apothecary is a women owned brand located in the heart of Humboldt County. We pride ourselves on making outstanding products that are clean and effective for our customers and safe for the planet. Great products start with great ingredients, and we source ingredients from companies that use organic and sustainable practices whenever possible. We also work closely with farmers to source cannabis and hemp that is grown on small farms using ecologically sound and organic practices. We have worked to create packaging for our products that is recyclable whenever possible.

We donate proceeds from our business to a variety of different environmental and social justice organizations that we support. As we continue to grow our business, we are committed to growing innovative programs and finding ways to support clean water, sustainable farming, and social justice in our community and around the planet.


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