Meet Our Partners

Arcview’s strategic partners are leaders of the cannabis industry and the movement to end prohibition.


Startup Accelerator

Canopy is a mentorship-driven seed-stage business accelerator for startups in the cannabis industry, with a focus on ancillary products and services. All companies applying to Arcview can also apply to Canopy.

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Business Intelligence

BDSA provides best-in-class business intelligence for the cannabis industry. By capturing millions of transactions from dispensary point-of-sale systems, they provide actionable insights based on accurate information enabling dispensaries, brands, and growers to sustain their success.

Arcview partners with BDSA to develop our industry-leading market research reports.

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Insurance Services

Most business insurance being sold to the cannabis industry is not being sold by people with the industry’s long-term interests in mind, and the products are not always geared to the unique risks of our industry. That’s why we teamed up with some of the top experts in insurance to launch Cannasure Insurance Services. Cannasure is taking insurance to the next level by creating risk management materials, offering risk management seminars, and offering high quality insurance products geared specifically to our industry at competitive prices.

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Marijuana Policy Project

Lobbying & Advocacy Group

MPP is the largest organization working to end marijuana prohibition in the US, and has been the force behind numerous legislative and electoral victories. Arcview CEO Troy Dayton serves on the board of MPP, and has raised millions of dollars to support their work.

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Trade Group

Arcview CEO Troy Dayton and President Steve DeAngelo helped co-found The National Cannabis Industry Association, serve on its board of directors, and support its work generously. The development of a responsible, respected, and politically-engaged legal cannabis industry is vital and one way to do that is to have a robust trade association like the NCIA.

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